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Event Series

Opening Passages: Photographers Respond to Chicago and Paris

A young woman sits at a long table facing the camera. She wears a button down striped shirt and glasses.
Sasha Phyars-Burgess, Untitled and yet to be determined, 48.9109°N, 2.5461°E -Sira, Ateliers Médicis, Clichy sous-bois, 2023.
A man photographed from behind dances with open arms facing a canal in a Paris district.
On est là. Wanderson, Aubervilliers, 2021 © Marion Poussier.
The interior of a shop features a headless mannequin wearing a red dress with beaded neckline and tape measures drapped around the neck. The the left and right are shelves containing glassware, a cash register, and many white wedding accessories.
Jonathan Michael Castillo, My Quince World (Little Village). Photograph courtesy of the artist.
Two rectangular landscape photos, one centered on top of the other. The larger is a shot of water with a colorful horizon and large rocks in the foreground. The smaller shot shows a barren landscape and empty sky with a low horizon.
zakkiyyah najeebah dumas o’neal, entry #7. 35mm film scans on Canson.